The Voodoo Kings

Album Title: American Lights
Release Date: December 11, 2004
Genre: Rock
Sometimes, a bar band is best advised to stay in the bar. There's nothing necessarily wrong with Chicago's Voodoo Kings or this album, "American Lights"ůthey seem fairly musical and are assumedly nice people. But man, are they ever boring. Described as "American roots rock painted with the colour of the blues and dipped in funk", The Voodoo Kings just seem like a band that would perform best alongside man-sized orders of chicken wings and watery jugs of Budweiser. In fact, I'm at a loss how their CD even made it up to the Soul Shine offices as their sound is so bloody regional, a washed-out blend of The Wallflowers and Los Lobos, with same added sax parts for good (bad) measure. "Say Goodbye (I Hate You)" and "Sixteen Years" are decent but it's the off-tempo and frankly, off-key moment like "Memphis Nights" that are hardest to stomach. The lyrics are clich» and laughable, and the whole projects reeks of career jobbers giving it the proverbial "one last shot." Unfortunately, talent and proficiency are mutually exclusive and it's for this reason that you're unlikely to be hearing The Voodoo Kings unfinished Dave Matthews-isms beyond the Chicago city limits any time soon.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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