Adam Sultan

Album Title: Heinous Acts of Love
Release Date: November 18, 2004
Genre: Alternative
This album just farted; and how. Blame Adam Sultan, an Austin-based singer/songwriter with wacky sensibilities and a disdain for the sublime. A former member of underground footnote Poi Dog Pondering, Sultan's debut full-length "Heinous Acts of Love" is a somewhat decent collection of alt-rock tunage that manages to neither offend nor inspire. With an onus on variety and a finger on the trigger, Sultan proves to be the proverbial jack of all-trades, master of none, and hopefully, master of his domain. From the prickly Beat Happening knock-off "You Got the Gin" to the faux jazz of "Swinging Chad", Sultan is all over the map stylistically but manages to tie a thread through his distinct vocals and glossy lyrics. I'm hearing a lot of Beck in these mood swings but Sultan hasn't developed the sense of theatrics and timing of Mr. Hansen, or Stan Hansen, for that matter. Of course, when you can write a solid accousti-freak tune like "Mexican Girls" and keep a straight face, you must be doing something right.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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