Steve Porter

Album Title: Homegrown
Release Date: January 11, 2005
Genre: Electronic
Big beats are back÷ at least if Steve Porter has a say. This Boston-based DJ has been blowing speakers since the mid-1990's with sound that can best be described as gino beats for mangia-cakes. "Homegrown" is his first album proper and it's a pretty peppy listen if you're into this kind of thing÷ or even if you're not. Not sure if Porter was paying attention during the second Summer of Love but it would sure seems so because there's a lot of "positivity" to his tunes that makes it ideal dance floor fodder. In fact, "Homegrown" really isn't the type of album you'd listen on a day-to-day basis unless you happen live in Woodbridge. It's so tailored to the club that it's hard to picture anyone listening to this album in an everyday circumstance, such as having high tea with the Queen in The Vatican or paying bills through a sophisticated on-line EBPP system. And that's a good thing because the clubland is Porter's bread and butter, baby. And while we're on the subject of food, Porter must've been hungry when he named a lot of these compositions because they're definitely food-centric: "Fluffer Nutter", "Beat N Potatoes", "Vodka Cranberries", and "Electric Jelly". There's even a song about dog food called "Purina". A food fan who also spins record? Alright, now I've seen everything!

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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