Littl Shyningman

Album Title: Hart of the Wud
Release Date: March 7, 2005
Genre: Electronic
Littl Shyningman is actually a full-grown, food-eating British man - Chris Haworth, to be exact. "Hart of the Wud" is his debut EP and it's a decent slice minimalist glitch, if you dig and you're not offended by misspelling in the name of art÷ or ard, I guess. Fingering a boatload of musical cues (and a name derived from Russell Hoban's folk tale "Riddley Walker"), "the Littl One" bloops his way through 30 minutes with an approach that mirrors that of Boards of Canada or Pole. The sound is fairly organic for this kind of tripe, and while it's a tad tedious at times, it's the type of CD that might serve as good background tunage for a mocktail party or any other circumstances where you're trying to jack up the urban chique register. The six tracks pretty much bleed into one another, but if there was to be a standout, it would probably be the set closer "Battry Runnd Pianotorte". The song best unglues the mystery of Littl Shyningman by putting a tinkly piano melody up front and by only bringing in the beats as an afterthought. It's a good build from a reasonably good album. Now, if he could just do something about his spellngg.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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