Adam Green

Album Title: Gemstones
Release Date: March 7, 2005
Genre: Indie Rock
Things are slowly starting to de-loop for New York-based anti-folker Adam Green. Sure, there's still loads of swerve-worthy analogies on "Gemstones", his latest solo offering, but improved arrangements and songwriting, lead to a focused and ultimately, enjoyable album. Best known for his work with the Moldy Peaches and his early 2000's blip "Jessica Simpson", Green is starting to sprout the skin of a seasoned singer/songwriter and his rich singing voices manages to placate, even whilst singing about cavemen humping and drugstore dreams. Okay, maybe Green is still looking to lounge in the ludicrous, but his songs are quite focused and well-crafted, even if you're not looking to take the bait. Green is a gifted word wrangler, and songs like "Before My Bedtime" and "Over The Sunrise" show a diced flare for the dramaticůthere's a definite vaudeville quality at work here, although I hardly picture Green blowing over in his apartment to the tune of Spike Jones records. His approach is more contemporary, and the contemporary is now. From the catchy title track to the George W Bush/Johnny Depp double slam, "Gemstones" is definitely an acquired taste, but if you've ever had a mouthful of ÷ um, raisins, you'd probably take a liking to this disc.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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