The Goodwill

Album Title: Insult, Injury, Etc.
Release Date: March 8, 2005
Genre: Emo
Sharing skins and touring with Taking Back Sunday has certainly informed the sound of The Goodwill, or vice versa. Much like TBS, The Goodwill is a Long Island-bred collective that rocks out on that emo tilt pretty effing hard. "Insult, Injury, Etc". is their sophomore release and holds the keys to a young (angry) boy's heart ten times over. Vocalist Brian Barbuto does well to mince his words and keep things to a dull roar, but in doing so, doesn't do a whole lot to differentiate himself from the scads of other emo groups current trolling American Interstates. No matter, "Insult, Injury, Etc." is both familiar and vengeful enough that its demographic should buy in without question. Tracks like "Plastic Ones" and "The Formula" are perfect fodder for telling your folks to go to back off and "Yea, You're a Lonestar" is the perfect last-minute ringer to this rage. The only real misstep is the lame-o modern rock tripe of "The Perfect Honeymoon". It swoons precariously into MOR territory and hopefully isn't a signal of some perverse Hoobastank wet dream. Otherwise, The Goodwill is another Warp-worthy gang of punkers that might mean the world to a teenager to be named later.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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