Wilton Said

Album Title: The Butterfly Plague
Release Date: January 18, 2005
Genre: Progressive
Brace yerselfsóToronto indie rocker Wilton Said has just released his third CD "The Butterfly Plague" and throwing caution every which way but loose, Said has fingered the work a concept album. A freakin' concept album! Typically a stage reserved for such dino-sours as Asia, Yes, and Spiro Agnew, it's a gutsy move for Said and his street level chuckers but hey, I'll be the first to admit that "The Butterfly Plague" is an oddly-affecting work. Blending elements of progressive rock, new wave and sub-Floyd poo poo, Said rigs these 13 tunes with layers of synth and sheen, buffering away the edges with belt sander-like guitar riffs and precision bravado. Sure, the level of pretense is practically through the roof, but you've got to give Said credit for (A) spitting out this pig on his own dime, and (B) having the guts to be making this kind of music in 2005, when the Fiery Furnaces and the Franz Ferdinand's of the world are the pacemakers. And the best part about "The Butterfly Plague" isÖ the concept is utterly un-conceptual. Beats the heck outta me what links songs with titles like "Mom", "Bar", and "Close". Maybe Said charges by the syllable or maybe he's just hungry? Either way, "The Butterfly Plague" is a compacted slab of post-modern indie prog that's heavy on heart and light on liver.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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