Mary Ancheta

Album Title: Live Life
Release Date: October 2004
Genre: Pop/Soul
Tinkling the keys for other artists while your own ideas go unnoticed can only be satisfying for so long, and Vancouver pianist Mary Ancheta has decided to raise her eyes to a higher cloud. Stepping up to the mic while keeping her fingers firmly on the keyboards, Ancheta's debut album "Live Life" is full of vision. A chanteuse in all sense of the word, Ancheta leans more to the soulful Aretha side of things rather than prancing about in the world of Neko Case. Opting to sidestep the world of indie rock or pop, Ancheta is a big fan of jazzing things up a bit. There's nothing outstanding or revolutionary about the singer's music, but that seems to be the goal. Simple and smoky, the songs of "Live Life" are the type sexed-up enough to be heard in a cabaret club, and grown-up enough to entertain a roomful of Chartered Accountants.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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