AA Sound System

Album Title: Lily PlainÖYouíre Hardly Poor
Release Date:
Genre: Rock
If it's at all possible, "Lily PlainÖYou're Hardly Poor" has the feel of a prog rock album with a southern rock sound. Weirdo instrumentals like "Stratochief" (a 5 minute ode to the Stratocaster guitar) propagate the prog comparisons, while foot stomping bass lines and drawn out vocals scream Lynyrd Skynyrd. As the title suggests, "Lily Plain" is a love letter to AA Sound System's northern Saskatchewan home. Lyrics of songs like "Out To Sea" and "Prairie Whole" pay homage to the trio's barren home (example: "It just keeps burning on/ Headstrong Saskatchewan/ Oh please know as I go/ I love this prairie whole"), and with all the flak Saskatchewan gets, the enduring adoration of lead singer Ayla Brook seems all the more genuine (and needed). The liner notes explain that the album was inspired by the life and death of Brook's mom Lynda Bliss, so yet another huge helping of love and respect is spread into the 12 songs. If just one word were used to describe this record, t'would be Honest. With nary a safety pin or pair of horn-rimmed glasses in sight, 'Lily Plain' doesn't once try to be anything it's not.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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