William Besson

Album Title: Isnít It About Faith?
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Pop/Rock
It's a classic rock 'n' roll tale. Frenchman makes music in French. Frenchman wants to make music in English. Frenchman relocates to London, England, Mecca for Anglophile musicians. Maybe it's not SO classic a tale, but the tale of William Besson it is, nevertheless. So what about this music Besson writes in the English language? The best way to describe the sound of "Isn't It About Faith?" is through one word: crootronk'n'roll. Crootronk'n'roll (or crouton for short) may be a genre created at this very moment for the purpose of describing William Besson's music, but no one can prove that.

When a person isolates the components of crootronk'n'roll what is left is this: vocals in the style of a nouveau crooner (think Michael BublÈ), synths and other computery noises associated with electronica, and the guitars and trusty rhythm section that lives under the name rock 'n' roll. Besson's lyrics roll off his tongue in an always suave manner, with the exception of his Jack Black growl in 'Take and Conquer'. It's quite an interesting move, pairing such a warm vocal style with electronica, thought of as such a cold and removed type of music. Somehow the thought of a Sintara dance remix doesn't bode well and yet the two elements mesh surprisingly well, creating, you guessed it - crootronk'n'roll. Stop laughing. It's a great name.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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