The Irises

Album Title: Not Good In Bed
Release Date: September 2004
Genre: Pop/Rock
Is there anyone who doesn't love sarcastic wit? That's right people, the correct answer is NO. Power pop duo The Irises realize this and use it to the best of their ability on their debut album "Not Good In Bed". The title offers up evidence to the attitudes of Roxanne Heichert (vocals) and Stephen Quinn (guitar), but their lyrics do it that much better. The catchy track "Lo-Fi Girl" is the shiniest example of this. Sadly the entirety of the song's lyrics can't be written out for this review, but a tongue-in-cheek anthem this good shouldn't be passed by. The entire album is beautifully brazen in a highly amusing way, and on top of this The Irises' music is rather good. Hiechert's melodic voice is powerful and raw, while Quinn's guitar work creates a constantly droning, sometimes jangly backdrop, with all the sounds melding into one another like a hyperactive child's finger-paints. Not only is "Not Good In Bed" good on first listen, but it gets better each time it's played. No, really.

And just because it would be tragic if a few snippets of "Lo-Fi Girl" lyrics weren't included÷"Lo-fi, I'm your lo-fi girl/ No longer riot grrl/ I found a tune!...All my super friends are here/ On the guestlist drinking beer/ That they got from me/ They're standing right beside the stage/ Barely past the drinking age/ Wearing 1970s gear". Sigh. Gotta love satire.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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