Crash Kelly

Album Title: Penny Pills
Release Date: January 25, 2005
Genre: Rock
Freshly signed to California label Liquor and Poker Music, Crash Kelly are now labelmates with The Hellacopters and Hanoi Rocks, and it seems the Toronto quartet have found the perfect place to call home. Rockers through and through, the members of Crash Kelly cite influences from T.Rex to Motley Crue, and both can be heard clearly in their music. Featuring fuzzed out rhythm guitars, wailing solos, and big, meaty riffs you could satisfyingly stick a knife into, "Penny Pills" is the pomp and sound of manly-men who like to wear make-up. Not only does "Penny Pills" proudly display the duelling guitars of '80s hair metal ("She Gets Away"), but the less in-your-face sprightliness of '70s glam guitars makes its way onto the record as well (the title track, "11 Cigarettes"). Guitars are quite obviously the point of Crash Kelly's music, and the band loves them so damn much that the instrument completely takes over "Something Hollywood" in the longest, most rockin' riff this side of 1990. A bottle of Jack to their lips and black leather sticking to their hips, Crash Kelly are what everyone HOPED Velvet Revolver would be.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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