Album Title: Their Skies Are Beautiful
Release Date: January 2005
Genre: Pop/Rock
Dreamy melodies, pulsing guitars, and Kevan Ellis' free-floating vocals are what "Their Skies Are Beautiful" is all about. The west coast of Canada is a breeding ground for this type of music - it must be the obscene amount of sunshine it receives which fosters the development of so many of the country's best power pop acts. Delicately picked guitar lines and sonorous vocal harmonies offset each other to great effect, while the constant thumping of the kick drum bolts it all together. Just one song ("Upstream") goes a little off the deep end, featuring spazzing trumpets and a haggard sounding Ellis, but beautiful, flowing tracks like standouts "Downstream", "Bastian Cooper", and "Comes In Threes" dominate to great effect.

"Their Skies Are Beautiful" is the type of album that's best enjoyed on a lazy summer day, when it's so incredibly hot out that the only energy you have left is used for listening to music, and not much else - or alternately in the dead of winter, when you're wishing badly for the smell of sunscreen and freshly cut grass. There are few people who can't appreciate the type of melodic, sunny tunes the Vancouver quartet creates, because even though some pretend differently, it's good to hear music that sounds like music.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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