Album Title: Everything's Perfect
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Rock/Pop
Montreal-based band onlyforward are unlike any Canadian indie band out today and show an energizing display of professionalism and production in their sound. Although a refreshing burst of carefully constructed songs, you can feel the pride and fun these guys take in their music. Their influences of Pearl Jam and Michael Jackson are appreciated from a far - you'll find no Seattle grunge or crotch grabbing with onlyforward. True to their CD title, everything really is perfect when you listen to this, their debut release. "Trees" is a stand out track because it shows off the vocal range and performance ability for a band fresh out of the studio. "Promises, promises" trips around a delightful airy, sliding guitar with beautiful vocal matrimony. The whole band works together on each track, it's a balance act, no one is left out of the spotlight. Despite most indie bands sticking with a hook and growing from it, onlyforwad have put together an exceptional variety of rock, soundscapes and vocal soaring lyrics that harmoniously can go "only forward".

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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