Vanessa Fleming

Album Title: Vanessa Fleming
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Pop
Fresh off her taping on The Miracle Channel, Vanessa Fleming of Calgary will soon be appearing on the Winnipeg program "It's A New Day". Fleming, an independent artist, had the dubious distinction in 2004 of officially releasing her album the same day her mother lost her battle with cancer.

Fleming's initial release from her self titled CD received play on a few Christian and Indie radio stations.

"We recently added Vanessa's song "The Other Woman" to our playlist. I found it to be a refreshing piece of pop music that added a new twist to the passage that Paul wrote about being "dead to sin, but alive in Christ", says Alan Seeger Program Director for Christian Indie Radio.

The album, which was produced in Nashville, receives strong vocal support from Canadians Jill Pacquette and Lisa Bevill. The CD was engineered by Eldon Winter and Stephen J. Rendall (Jaylene Johnson, Jill Paquette and Matt Brouwer).

Fleming teases you at times on this project with glimpses of what her potential could be. She shows promise on the songs "Every Room of My Heart" and "The Other Woman". Unfortunately, that is all we get -- glimpses. The two producers showed a total lack of imagination in creating this CD. The song selection is typical of the "cookie cutter" syndrome that is relied upon by producers who are trying for a quick strike and lucky break rather than developing a career of an emerging artist who demonstrates promise.

When contacted about Vanessa Fleming, Rendall showed a total disregard for his artist by only offering up a feeble,"I wanted to help Vanessa produce a product that would reflect her heart."

After speaking with an independent music producer and a manager in the music industry the consensus is that Fleming does indeed possess the ability to be a solid pop Christian singer if she is teamed with a production team that demonstrates more creativity.

Vanessa Fleming's official release of her album on September 18th, 2004 was bittersweet. This was the same day her mother lost her battle with cancer. Fleming says, "It's amazing how your whole world can change in a moment. In many ways I think the Lord brought the CD into being at this time in my life to keep me going after mom died."

Writer: Joe Montague

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