Michael Johnston

Album Title: Curious Heart
Release Date: January 2005
Genre: Folk
Great musicians (in this case folk musicians) think alike, and at first listen to "Off Guard" Johnston has elements of Toronto's own Dave Celia, yet with his own crisp vocals to let his lyrics shine through. "Stars" is a true gem, the songwriting and melody line Johnston presents is a wonder, and makes you proud to be Canadian, with Mark Vallentine's use of pennywhistle and Johnston's raw vocal talent and a knack for story-telling. Don Kerr (of Ron Sexsmith and Rheostatics fame) assisted in producing the album with Johnston and his signature is not far off from his past works.

Brilliantly, Johnston has included a bevy of musical notations in the liner notes and even a powerful track, which he wrote with Juno-nominee Oh Susanna in mind, "Apology", showcasing the vibrancy and versatility of his musical abilities. This album is for a relaxing afternoon of contemporary folk music and for the understanding of how great our Canadian songwriter's really are when they go solo.

Writer: Lindsay Bloemink

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