Bill Madden

Album Title: Samsara's Grip
Release Date: July 12, 2004
Genre: Folk
The cover of Bill Madden's latest offering, the cryptically-titled Samsara's Grip, features a young boy whose penis is escaping through the front of his bathing suit. I'll let you think about that for a while because there's not really a whole lot else that stands out about this album. Madden does the singer/songwriter thing and while he's generally inoffensive, you could honestly hear these calibre of tunes anywhere. On tracks like "19 Miles" and Murder", Madden sounds a bit like XTC's Andy Partridge but of course, without the fame, fortune, talent or stage fright. Another thing that annoys about Samsara's Grip is that many of the songs are quasi-politically based yet deliver with a decided lack of gusto. Maybe Madden's one of those "I'm a lover, not a fighter bloke"÷ his bio does say he's a 10-year old vegetarian after all. But still, at least put some feeling into it.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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