The Matadors

Album Title: The Devilís Music
Release Date: November 21, 2004
Genre: Rockabilly
It's about time Canada hatched another garage terror squad! Granted, Teenage Head, Deja Voodoo and the Gruesomes are all still active in one capacity or another but in London's the Matadors, we've got a semi-new band who encompasses a lot of the bad-ass ruthless of their four fathers (throw the Smugglers in with that initial trifecta and presto, FOUR fathers). The Devil's Music is the Matadors' new album and it's full of that 1950's-reared ne'er-do-well, greasy, upright bass boondoggle. All bottom end with a generous dose of Elvis-ian snear, vocalist Hooch, bassist Creepin' Jeff and drummer Jay sound the part if nothing else. If not the classics, the Matadors are at least entombed to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and thusly, the Cramps but why try to pick apart The Devil's Music into its respective roles. It fun, stupid music that doesn't place many demands on the part of the listener. If you've got a pulse and a functioning reproductive organ (or three), you'll find something in the Matadors' mass to your liking.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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