Kemo the Blaxican

Album Title: Simple Plan
Release Date: November 30, 2004
Genre: Hip Hop
This album is silly and proof positive that Canada isn't quite ready to embraced a born and bred Latino hip-hop superstar. And that's what Kemo the Blaxican is. The LA-based Kemo is a refugee from Spanish b-boy pranksters Tres Deliquantes, and on his solo debut Simple Plan, he plays things straight. He raps in English. He raps in Spanish. He samples merengue music, salsa singers and other stereotypes of the gringo. The title track is decent, featuring some cool backing vocals from somebody named Monica Quello Ortiz. Unfortunately, at 64 minutes and 24 songs, Simple Plan as an album turns out to be anything but. Rather, it's as complex as that bean burrito currently passing through my lower intestine÷ and almost as fulfilling. You'd think tracks with names like "I Drink She Smokes" and "Underground Muscle" would be funny but no, they're certainly not funny and just barely listenable. Overall, there doesn't seem to be a lot of imagination at work and while there certainly is a chasm in the Latin music market that needs to be filled, it doesn't appear that Kemo is the one to fill it. At least not now.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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