Album Title: Theyíre Only Chasing Safety
Release Date: November 16, 2004
Genre: Emo
What is it about Florida that produces such prodigally messed up musicians? First, it was death metal in the 1980's, Mary Ellen Manson in the 1990's and now all this angsty screamo stuff in the 2000's. Tack Underoath up to the big board; they're another group of screamers but with a heart of mush, me thinks. Spencer Chamberlain leads this boys brigade and their third album, They're Only Chasing Safety, is wrack with the strands of awful bliss. The reason I call their bluff is because there seems to be a softy trying to emerge from this unit. There are breaks in "The Impact of Reason" and "The Blue Note" that hint at something more reasonable but Underoath are quick to tarnish anything approximately beauty with another round of throaty yelps. That's OK. They're young and still trying to find their spot in this crazy mixed up world. And They're Only Chasing Safety is part of that healing process. The guys from Alexisonfire and Poison The Well are going through the same things, and at least in the meantime, it'll produce some good times and intense music. Of course, when they reach 30 with vocal chords reduced into ratatouille, they might second guess.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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