Billy Talbot

Album Title: Alive in the Spirit World
Release Date: January 11, 2005
Genre: Folk
I give Billy Talbot credit. Truthfully, this album is so slight, so precious that I don't think it's going to have much appeal beyond sensitive dudes in sweaters and the odd women. Plus clocking in at over 65 minutes, it's an exercise in will and determination to sit through the entire thing in one sitting. This may not sound like a ringing but there's something fausty brewing within Alive in the Spirit World, and it's largely contained within the two 10+ minute tracks that serve as the centre piece for this album. "Security Girl" is a sprawling super jam that sounds like Robbie Robertson fronting Galaxie 500 while "Dreamer" sounds like a gloomier, male-fronted Mazzy Star. Sure, you've got a wimpy pastel cover and some other flotsam to get to but if you can skip right until these two tunes, you've got yerself a pretty nifty album.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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