Various Artists

Album Title: Sunday Nights: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough
Release Date: January 11, 2005
Genre: Alternative
If you must know, Junior Kimbrough was a VERY famous blues musician who emerged from the Mississippi muck in the 1940's to thicken up the Delta and leaves footprints wherever he tread. Trackers soon followed and word spread through the USA and across to Europe. Before long, Kimbrough had attained God-like status through no fault of his own. While Kimbrough died of a stroke in 1998, his legacy lives on seven years after the fact with this whack tribute album Sunday Nights. Much of the buzz about the effort centres around twice interpretations of Kimbrough's "You Better Run" as performed by Iggy Pop and his reconstituted Stooges. But truthfully, the best bits of Junior are buried deeper in the gumbo. For example, Jon Spencer and his Blues Explosion stave of irrelevance for one more day with a stripped-down version of "Meet Me in the City" featuring the late Elliott Smith on acoustic six string. Spiritualized check in and whip "Sad Days, Lonely Nights" into a frenzy that approximates Jason Pierce's noisiest Spacemen 3-era stuff. 2004 "it" band the Fiery Furnaces chug through "I'm Leaving" with their soon-patented goofy swagger. Otherwise, you've got Pete Yorn, Cat Power, the Black Keys and others playing tribute in song. Even if you plead ignorance to Kimbrough's work (as I do), these eulogies laid in verse stand as a strong tribute to an unforgotten artist.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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