Album Title: Kasabian
Release Date: November 9, 2004
Genre: Brit-Rock
A brilliant listen to those who dig Brit-rock and the feeling of "on the edge" rockers. Though Kasabian may not be a name that we in North America have heard before, they have much to do with the British rock scene of 2004 where we saw the likes of Keane, The Music, and yes even The Darkness run around on the charts enticing us with their European glory. Absolute delights range from the bass thumping "Club Foot" sounding as though it could be remixed to death and still end up a classic.

"Processed Beats" shows off the lad's accents as well as their musical brawn with their no-nonsense approach to lyrical antaganism. Though they've decided to keep their tour dates in Canada scarce, similarly to The Music, it'll sure be a taste of genious when they hit the stage with begging fans wanting more of the band all over Canada in the near future.

Writer: Lindsay Bloemink

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