Vampire Beach Babes

Album Title: Beach Blanket Bedlam
Release Date: October 26, 2004
Genre: Rock
Judging by the band name and album artwork alone, you just know that Beach Blanket Bedlam!, the new album by Toronto scuzz rockers The Vampire Beach Babes, is going to be indebted to the holy church of The Cramps to some degree. And sure enough, you've got your goofy stylized surf-rock played by guys and gals decked out in leather and eyeliner. Hardly a revolution-in-the-making or much less, an original idea, but a fun album to listen to nonetheless. The Beach Babes are led by Baron Marcus, "Toronto's most fashionable and famous vamp" and together with bandmates Boa and Devilman, they built upon not only the sound of The Cramps but also of Teenage Head and The B-52's. Their songs are short, punchy and out for kicks to be sure. The best of the bunch is "Stars in your Eyes" featuring some awesome-ly retro Wurlitzer freebase and surprisingly a pinch of Jimmy Stewart-esque romanticism from, and I repeat, "Toronto's most fashionable and famous vamp". Actually, there's a lot of heart shown on the album without a shard of the lame-o cynicism that plagues most independent rock. Good time rock and roll music sung by vampires; maybe Bela Legosi isn't dead afterall?!?

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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