True Sounds of Liberty

Album Title: Divided We Stand
Release Date:
Genre: Punk
True Sounds Of Liberty may be another punk/goth band but they're without doubt one that still remains relevant to fans today as well as influencing bands such as AFI, The Offspring and Pennywise. With their anti-government anthems they stoke up the fire and push the boundaries bringing awareness as well as wound-up rage and humour by the handful. 'See You Tomorrow' is one such example with its stark lyricism, 'Policies of death begin/Your children suffer for your sins/Ignorance and open hate/We reap the seed that we create'.'Loaded' has a more muted delivery than tracks before with, dare I say it, a Depeche Mode style and sleazy drawn out vocals. Grisham's vocal charisma is so striking throughout, encompassing a variety of ranges that blend seamlessly to fit the themes of the songs. 'Sex And Violence' is a stomping track drenched in rebellion and upfront, stamping beats. 'Again' also stands clear in its quality, 'Your twisted smile from magazine/You learned that look from TV/And practiced it for me'. Re-capture the true punk spirit with this and you won't be sorry.

Writer: Lucy Freeman

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