The Concretes

Album Title: The Concretes
Release Date: June 29, 2004
Genre: Alternative
Channeling the spirit of 1960's girl groups and MOR radio, Slavic pop peddlers The Concretes are the latest apes of the past to wash up on these shores. And what fine smelling apes they are; not at all the type to vomit in their hands only to swallow it back mere seconds later. The Concretes' music is awash in retro-fashioned keyboards and brass that gives this album an authentic Spector-ish feel. The orchestral rock of "Chico" and "Lonely As Can Be" is pure analog snackfood but moreso, the sound of The Concretes is typified by the modish sounds put forth by British groups linked with the sounds of 1960's Northern Soul. Tracks like "Say Something New" and "New Friend" are peppy dancefloor numbers that half-soused, lame-o fanboys would no doubt enjoy dancing to. And what about "Diana Ross"? In spite of her recent respite from the mild side in favour of DUI and genial senior citizen hijinx, The Concretes forgave her long enough to name a song after her and praise her therein and there-un. Great little album from a band that's no doubt too earnest and too (something) for their own good.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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