Album Title: Its Dreams
Release Date: October 26, 2004
Genre: Alternative
What better way to establish a sufficient level of menace for your industrial rock supagroup than to name it after a mythical jackrabbit with large antlers affixed to its skull? You might not be privy to this creature unless you've visited the Wall Drugs tourist trap in South Dakota, or were a fortuitous viewer of America's Funniest People in the early 1990's (sadly, I resemble both remarks). Either way, perhaps you've heard Jakalope's lead single "Pretty Life" busting out of alt-rock radio stationsÖ or if not, you've undoubtedly heard the like-minded alt-rock burps of Evanescence. Both feature female vocalists offset by aggressive aggro strands of keyboards and other noises born of a binary base. Jakalope is all dat and more. If you haven't already rushed out to pick up Jakalope's debut album It Dreams, here are a few more details. Jakalope is the brainchild of Dave "Rave" Ogilvie, the Vancouver-born producer who has worked with Skinny Puppy, David Bowie and popular children's artist Marilyn Manson. He nabbed a vocalist named Katie B. from the pits of hellÖ OK, north Vancouver actually, and Jakalope was born. To flesh out his vision, Ogilvie enlisted people like Trent Reznor, some of the guys from Sloan and the rhythm section of (get this) the Sons of bloody Freedom to flesh out his industrial pipedream. The result is a decent album but one that doesn't exactly live in the now. When Nettwerk was king and vaguely-ghoulish dance rock was still relatively new (we're talking 1992, maybe 1993), It Dreams might've gone places. But in the year 2004, there is really nothing to make this album stand out amid the glut.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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