Album Title: Rendezvous
Release Date: October 26, 2004
Genre: Alternative
Luna probably aren't going to be remembered as anything more than a footnote in the history of indie/alt-rock hogwash. And I would surmise that probably suits Dean Wareham and friends just fine. Luna have always been about all subtly and when Wareham announced his band would be splitting after one last tour in support of their seventh full-length Rendezvous, you get the impression that Wareham is trying to capitalize on the proverbial contact high. Whereas Wareham's former unit, semi-legendary Boston-based dreamcatchers Galaxie 500, towed a steady line during their tenure, Luna's sound has steadily evolved from a toned-down Galaxie to a special and unique planet of its own. It's a pleasant, lite pop/rock sound that could easily slide on to adult-contempo radio if given to right amount of coaxing. That said, Rendezvous is slightly more peppy, slightly more assured and slightly more cheeky than anything the band has done before. "Malibu Love Nest" and "Speedbumps" almost break a sweat as they shimmy along at a satisfying pace and Wareham makes efforts to keeping his oft-wavering voice under wraps. "The Owl & the Pussycat" is a purr-ty lullaby featuring some oh-so-subtle background work from Wareham's bandmate and main squeeze, Britta Phillips. By track eleven, the listener is ensnared in the finest lull ever cast and "Rainbow Babe" places the world's smallest exclamation point on both the album and a career.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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