John Brannen

Album Title: The Good Thief
Release Date: August 17, 2004
Genre: Rock
On his fourth record, and first for the new Sly Dog imprint, John Brannen bristles with a fiery passion that mixes cupfuls of southern rock with tablespoons of soul. Brannen sings about a passion for life, a passion for his muse, and a passion for sizzling sounds while concurrently coming to terms with lost love. As he describes, "it's about the excitement of the world and the pain that comes with passion when it doesn't work out."

In part, The Good Thief is also a travelogue. Throughout the disc's dozen songs, the passionate poet brings the listener along on a journey across the south and to places that have no name. To illustrate, "Summer in Savannah" recalls a hot and steamy time "when the girls do what they want," while in "When I'm Satisfied" Brannen is "searching for a promised land/ from Hollywood to Birmingham." Later "The Lonely Side of Life" mellows things down with an aching ballad of loss, loneliness and longing.

Other highlights include "Witches Rain" and "Waiting." The Charleston, South Carolina songwriter possesses a powerful voice that echoes early Bruce Springsteen, and which resonates with you long after the disc player stops.

Writer: David McPherson

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