John Guliak

Album Title: 7 Stories and 13 Songs
Release Date: November 2, 2004
Genre: Country
Based on his alignment with Vancouver indie stalwart Mint Records, you might assume that Edmonton-based country singer John Guliak would fall under the alt-country or No Depression or perhaps even the dreaded cowpunk banner. Well, you'd be wrong on all accounts. Guliak plays straight-forward, old fashioned country music and he does it well. 7 Stories and 13 Songs is his new album and it's a strong effort through and through. Guliak's vocals are rich with character and his plainspeak deliveries have a warm familiarity to them. The music is VERY resigned and even when the tempos picks up a touch on tracks like "Windigo" and "Easy to Fail", there's an overall laxed feeling that engulfs 7 StoriesÖlike a blanket or perhaps a duvet. Members of Spirit of the West, Jr. Gone Wild and The Show Business Giants check in from time to time to flesh out Guliak's delivery but you'd be remiss to notice because Guliak's engaging narratives are clearly the focus of the album. Bash my skull with a sledgehammer if you will but I hear an awful lot of Gordon Lightfoot in Guliak's words: highways and birds and all that good stuff. It's about time somebody started singing about those things again.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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