Album Title: Self Titled
Release Date: September 4, 2004
Genre: Rock/Electronic
That was pretty (screwed) up! I just finished listening to this self-titled album by France's troissoeur and pretty much every song on this 9-track album reminded me of Roxy Music's "In Every Dream Home, a Heartache". It's a pretty stellar song but c'mon, it's hardly the lynchpin of modern music (that, of course, that ringing chorus of Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak"). Maybe I'm reading too little into this but it's pretty tough to see what troissoeur are saying here. And it's not because some of their lyrics are in French. Rather, it's because their sound is a rather freaky mishmash of new wave, wimpy beats and adult contemporary pap that is kinda confoundingůthink a combination of Ultravox, Air and Dan Hill's "Sometimes When We Touch" if that helps. The band features three brothers with the surname Vanvinckenroye and though I have yet to determine which Vanvinckenroye garcon is doing the singing, I would suggest that he is sleazy based on the lame-o Midge Ure-esque vocals. To make matters worse, troissoeur include a 17-minute pig of a track called "Paving" that is just dreadful. No, it's not about highway construction÷ it's about÷ well, I have no bloody idea what it's about. It's about 17 wretched minutes of Eurotrash garbling.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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