Outrageous Cherry

Album Title: Why Don't We Talk About Something Else EP
Release Date: November 16, 2004
Genre: Power Pop
Detroit rockers Outrageous Cherry have been around for a few years now and for a time, were thought to be the next torchbearers of the Detroit Rawk City sound that The Stooges and the MC5 begat in the late sixties. Of course, The White Stripes eventually beat them to the punch, as did The Von Bondies, Andrew WK and several other lesser lights. Perhaps their horrible band name that accounts for the blip but more likely, it's the fact that Outrageous Cherry's nifty Beach Boys/Raspberries-influenced sound was a bit too precious to be penning anthems for the big, bad Motor City. Too bad because they have a pretty good thing going on if that's your bag. The band is most definite analogous to the analog and it gives their music that authentic 1960's vibe that is often imitated and occasionally duplicated. Truth be told, the Why Don't We Talk About Something Else EP is merely an apÈritif for their next full-length, But with songs like these, it's best to bask in the moment and gobble them up pronto. The title track and "My Suspicious Midwest" are pure pop candy while the slightly-shameful "Detroit Blackout" is a supercool instrumental that sounds like a whitebread version of Marvin Gaye's "Inner City Blues". What could be more Detroit than that?

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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