Hostage Life

Album Title: Sing for the Enemy
Release Date: October 12, 2004
Genre: Punk
Hailing from somewhere in southern Ontario, Hostage Life is a pop/punk band that leans a lot heavier towards the punk side of things. But don't kid yourself; buried beneath the fervour of their cold snap guitars are some pretty stellar pop hooks, washing their hair and biding their time until being set free into this crazy, mixed-up world thru the plink of a solitary guitar string. Sing for the Enemy is Hostage Life's new six-song EP and seeing as Universal Music Canada had a hand in releasing the effort, I'm not the only one impressed by what these dudes do. Vocalist Colin Lichti has a strong, biting voice but shows smarts and restraint by not yelling the (heck) out of every track. He compliments rather than pummels, kinda like that ugly guy fromÖ well, you know. "Money Parade" and "Ceci N'est Pas Une Chanson" are absolute scorching that will leave you short of breathe and have the asthmatics reaching for their puffers. Credit the twin guitar attack of Hai Vu and Adam Smith for this, not to mention drummer Paul Miller, who must go through drumsticks like Bill O'Reilly goes thru phone sexÖ billsÖ and otherÖ nastyÖ stuff. Bassist Eric Gaudet also does a good job. He is nice.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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