Bullets and Octane

Album Title: The Revelry
Release Date: September 14, 2004
Genre: Punk
To quote J Mascis, get me a bucket. Because I'm going to vomit. Okay, I'm just being a limey prick but seriously, listening to The Revelry, the debut full-length from California's Bullets and Octane, was hardly my idea of a good time. I'm a grown ass man and these guys aren't doing me any favours. So I'll return the f(l)avour. Bullets and Octane play a straight-forward strand of punk rock that has been thrown out there a million and one times and stuck maybe five per cent of the time. Sure, Gene Bullets (real name withheld) has a gnarly punk-y voice but so friggin' what?!? Give us something we can use, people! Rehashing the same tired Social Distortion cliches is just so incredibly played out, it's amazing there are still labels out there willing to release this stuff. The one saving grace of The Revelry is "Pirates", a bouncy street-level clunker that stands out like a sore thumb amid this mess. It's too bad because Gene Bullets and fiends obviously put a lot of heart and soul into their music. And there's probably an audience out there for it. Just not here.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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