Kane Hodder

Album Title: The Pleasure To Remain So Heartless
Release Date: November 2, 2004
Genre: Punk
Juxtapose your face and get into Kane Hodder. And do it now. Or something. Kane Hodder are your typical screamo band and The Pleasure To Remain So Heartless bears many of the genre's ear marks: oh-so-tourmented lyrics, fast guitars, fast drums, lack of fast women and topped off with a throttled series of yelps, yells and howls. Oh yeah, and a few shrieks and bellows too. The artwork is dark, the themes are darker but wait just a cotton-flicking minute. There ARE ingredients here that make Kane Hodder seem kinda goofy from the onset. Let's start with the song titles: "Too Much Eddie Kendricks, Not Enough David Ruffin", "Heaven Help Me! I Love a Psychotic!" and the heartfelt ode to celebrity copulation, "I Think Patrick Swayze is Sexy"÷ yeah. Then, there's the vocalist's tendency to throw his octave into Justin Hawkins territoryůslimy but sweet! Making heads and/or tails of this mess is a chore in itself but honestly, it's kinda endearing in some weirdo backwards headspace. Give Kane Hodder credit for wearing their hearts on their sleeves and then having those shirts laundered. Is The Pleasure To Remain So Heartless a raised fist or a sarcastic "metal eagle"? Beats me; give it a listen and you decide.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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