Strung Out

Album Title: Exile in Oblivion
Release Date: November 2, 2004
Genre: Punk
Hailing from that hotbed of pudgy white skater trash, southern California, Strung Out are a fiery punk rock band that combines breakneck pacing with some heavy duties guitar licks and dum-dum defeatist lyrics. Yeah, sounds pretty rudimentary but to give 'em the benefit of the doubt, Strung Out display a lot of energy and the production of Exile in Oblivion, their fifth album, manages to piss up a rope while keeping hands out of pocket and pockets out of pants. Slayer's Matt Hyde produced the disc and allowed his band's patented speed metal chug to ooze in the mix quite liberally. No matter, it's a pretty seamless transition from thrash to hardcore and Strung Out manage to turn the trick easily. Awesome-ly titled tracks like "Vampires" and "Swan Dive" make supreme usage of Jake Kiley's six-string histrionics and while vocalist Jason Cruz sounds a bit too much like that knob from Linkin Park at times, his words essentially bleed into the background and don't cloud the proceeding with his limp-wristed, tedious angst. If you ever cursed your father because he wouldn't drive you to the bus stop or if your mother ever accused you of having "droopy drawers" (i.e. your pants are far too baggy), this album could be your life.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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