The July 26th Movement

Album Title: Take a Walk Outside
Release Date: July 6, 2004
Genre: Indie Rock
The ghost of Ian Curtis looms large to this day. First The Chameleons, then Interpol and now The July 26th Movement. Truth be told, The J26M aren't nearly as gloomy or severe as any of the above yet they do ride that decidedly emotive tilt that Joy Division hatched many moons ago. Take a Walk Outside isn't merely the suggestion of physical fitness that the title implies. No, it's about five tracks÷ OK, it IS five tracks of well-crafted indie rock that doesn't break a whole lot of new ground stylistically but is both earnest and intelligent without pandering to any of the prevailing styles currently swirling 'round the indie rock latrine. The best track here IHOP (yes, I know that stands for the International House of Pancakes) is the title track or "Take a Walk Outside" for our amnesiac readers. It's got that paranoid retro clip down to a tee, or an ess even. Kinda similar to what The Organ are doing out in Vancouver, if you added four Adam's apples, some unmentionables and oddly, a hint of Matthew Good. "Out of Time" and the resigned "These Streets Hold Nothing For Me Now" are also quality tracks, making this teaser EP a pleasure to listen to.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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