Album Title: Hot Shit!
Release Date:
Genre: Alternative
You know that sound when you're listening to your Walkman and the batteries are dying? Well that's the sound of the intro to Quasi's album 'Hot Shit!' Hailing from Portland, Oregon the duo consists of Sam Coomes (keys and tricks) and Janet Weiss (rocket percussion). Somewhere between The Flaming Lips, Polyphonic Spree and The Hidden Cameras, Quasi bring their chaotic melodies together. The rustic charm of 'Seven Years Gone' has a desperate retro-pop/country slide that stumbles over itself trying to maintain its momentum but this only endears it to you more.'Master and Dog' leans back again to the 60s with rearing riffs and grainy tambourine labouring over languid vocals. Sombre and dark, 'Mama Tried' picks up the pace again with its heavy piano and dirty rock. Coomes' strained voice sounds like it could crack any moment but fits perfectly in the dystopic landscape they conjure up. 'No One' is a masterpiece of Avalanches-style sampling and longing vocals that linger high and static in the air. Utterly epic in its scope 'No One' steals the limelight of the album. This is the kind of music to get lost in and arouse discussion. With a chameleon character this music will string you along making you think you know where its going and then catch you unawares by heading off in another direction altogether.

Writer: Lucy Freeman

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