Album Title: Fingerprints: Best Of Powderfinger 1994-2000
Release Date: January 18, 2005
Genre: Rock
Unless you're Australian there is a good chance you won't have heard of Powderfinger.
Despite being ARIA award winners and godlike genius' in their native Oz, the rest of the world seems alarmingly apathetic, or is that ignorant?

Following on from their Vulture Street 2003 Opus and subsequent live album, here we have the obligatory Best Of compilation, a phrase often used to instill dread into critics! Opening the collection we have one of two brand new tracks, Bless My Soul, a stomping rock 'n roll slow burner that is probably as close to Queen as the 'Finger will ever get. Although it is let down by a slightly formulaic chorus, the chilled refrain will get the anticipation surging and makes the track almost as good an intro to the band as any.

Being a band that produces albums of unfaltering quality, the selection of tunes could have been a serious headache, it certainly would have been for a fan. As it is we have been given pretty much just the singles which is no bad thing, but a few surprises would have been pleasing.

The haunting poignancy of Passenger coupled with the incessant euphoria of My Happiness add the exclamation point that this is a band who rarely write a poor tune and can traverse between country soul and slashing riffs effortlessly whilst exploring melodies like no others.

'Fingerprints...' may well be the perfect starting point for those new to the band due to it's ploughing of the commercially successful albums, and the cynic in me can't help asking whether that is the point? A superior band; cheapened by industry politics.

Writer: Dave Hardwick

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