Social Distortion

Album Title: Sex, Love and RockíníRoll
Release Date: September 28, 2004
Genre: Punk
If there were a group of decked out bikers sitting around a campfire, trying their darndest to express their innermost feelings, this is the record they would throw on when there is a communal loss of words. Social Distortion's first album in eight years, lead singer Mike Ness has a lot to say on 'Sex, Love and Rock'n'Roll'. Ness was inspired to write many of the songs on the 10-track record as a result of Social Distortion guitarist and long-time friend Dennis Danell's death in early 2000, and it shows. An album full of songs about self-discovery and -understanding, 'Sex, Love and Rock'n'Roll' is simultaneously touching and aloof in true punk style. When Ness sings "And I kept it bottled up inside, all my life" the only logical thing to do is stand back and let the hapless guy pour it all out. As catchy as ever, and with Ness' rough-as-sandpaper vocals still in tip-top form, 'Sex, Love and Rock'n'Roll' deserves repeated listens from bikers and music fans alike.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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