Lorrie Matheson

Album Title: A Dime at a Time
Release Date:
Genre: Indie Rock
Swear to god, Lorrie Matheson is a long lost member of the almighty Dylan clan. At times throughout 'A Dime at a Time', his vocals become virtually indistinguishable from Jakob Dylan's, especially on 'Wishing Well', a stand-out track that could be taken from any Wallflowers album. On top of the vocal similarities, Matheson also possesses that gene for incredible songwriting that flows so abundantly through Dylan veins.

Even with Matheson's lyrical talent, the opening two tracks of the singer's second solo outing do drag a bit. With a combined time of just under ten minutes, the two songs sound similar and make for a somewhat daunting block of time. Despite the opening hurdle, 'A Dime at a Time' is an album jam packed with quality tunes with memorable lyrics. Clever and somewhat highbrow, Matheson's music isn't made for dummies. Instead of just saying "My nerve was shot", on 'I Think I See The Light', Matheson tacks "execution style" onto the end to come out with the only lyric personifying a neuron ever. And that's just one example.

The cowboy environment of the Calgary singer's hometown comes out in his lyrics (homesickness, women troubles, lost ambition), as do the stories of a surprising amount of hobo-like characters. There just needs to be a good shake up of the track-listing of 'A Dime at a Time', and that can be solved by simply hitting the shuffle button.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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