Peter Mandic

Album Title: Peter Mandic
Release Date: October 24, 2004
Genre: Folk Rock
It's eerie when Peter Mandic sings "Pretend I'm Bob Dylan/Playin' with The Band" because it's quite remarkable how much the Toronto singer sounds like the man he makes-believe he is. Now depending on your opinion of old Mr. Zimmerman, this could be a good or horrendously bad thing. But one thing can and always will be said about Dylan: he's not much of a singer, but his voice has personality. Great music for a honky-tonk somewhere out on the prairies of Canada, Mandic is able to evoke that desolate feeling that country music is so famous for, while holding onto the strings of rock's roots. Mandic's story implies that he's always dreamt of creating an album of his own songs, and good on him, but it's possibly a project best shared with friends and family only. The singer/songwriter's debut isn't horrible, but it's far from being vital as well. Heartbreaking as it is, Peter Mandic's album just falls short of 3 stars to land at 2.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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