Mark Weinstock

Album Title: Breeze Home
Release Date: August 29, 2004
Genre: Indie Pop
Though Mark Weinstock sounds nothing like Jeff Buckley, he shares the same earnestness as the late singer. Unafraid to wear his emotions on his sleeve, Weinstock beautifully translates all those universal themes - love, loss, life - into acoustic music. Jumping from genre to genre, the singer/songwriter brings everything from gospel ('Homemade'), to the lore of a bard ('Fair Maiden') on his first solo LP. While his lyrics are delicate and poignant (he's also a poet and novelist), the melodies on 'Breeze Home' can become too ambitious for Weinstock's vocal abilities, like on ballads 'Harvest' and 'Long Way Home'. The upbeat tracks are more suited to the Toronto singer's earthy style, which is demonstrated on 'Share Your Fire' - a song that could easily find a place on Much More Music. But as Weinstock's loyal fans know, his music is more about his words than his vocals anyways. In the end, Weinstock is just carrying on the tradition of great Canadian songwriters whose songs are sometimes best sung by others.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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