Give up the Ghost

Album Title: We’re Down Till We’re Underground
Release Date:
Genre: Punk
The latest recruit to the Burning Heart stable are Boston hardcore stars Give Up The Ghost (formerly American Nightmare) who are reaching out to a disenchanted youth with tracks such as 'Love American', "You go nowhere in a nowhere town/And no one's listening/To the sound of breaking down/And breaking out is just wishful thinking". Wes Eisold's visceral assault is a fantastic antidote to apathy-ridden feelings and unleashes the fury of pent-up emotions.
'Calculation Nation' doubles the intensity even more with a cutting melancholic retort lasting a mere 57 seconds as 'Crime Scene' turns up the scale ever higher with a stand-off intro, chugging relentlessly forward. Eisold's snarls over the fast paced beats and riffs create a triumphant, chaotic noise with discord ending the process. Brutal to the core, GUTG strike deep to the heart with an unforgiving tirade of quality songs that get better as the album progresses. 'Crush Of The Year' rips its soul out for all to see with the lyrics, "I've got reasons for everything…everything except this/This is the remix of the same tears you shed before/This is the remix of the same fears you shared before…". Final track '(and it's sometimes like it never ends)' is a beautiful instrumental showcasing the band's exceptional talent for mastering atmosphere. It is almost cathartic in its form, tying up all the elements in an understated yet powerful way. With blatant honesty and sincerity ringing out this is an essential band and album for the present and future.

Writer: Lucy Freeman

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