Robbie Williams

Album Title: Greatest Hits
Release Date: October 18, 2004
Genre: Pop
It's been 13 years since a lycra-clad Take That first stormed the charts, scoring an earth shattering number 38 'hit'. Sure, they ended up having a pretty glittering run but, to use Noel Gallagher's words, "could you really have seen the 'Fat Dancer from Take That' surviving in a sphere of musicality where lip-synching live to a vocal track is tantamount to admitting to liking the remake of The Avengers?"

It is undeniable that Robbie Williams' foray into solo stardom was initially met with more than a touch of trepidation, but 19 top ten singles, 5 number 1 albums and global album sales in excess of 32 million can't be argued with.
Cataloguing the journey from boy-band oblivion to all conquering supreme, Greatest Hits is required listening for any pop fan. Opening the collection is lads anthem Old Before I Die, one of many high standards from the infancy of Williams' solo career, immediately followed by classic-in-waiting Angels, which will no doubt be the highlight of the album for many buyers.

One of the biggest problems facing Greatest Hits' compilations is keeping the release fresh, hence so many artists now include a new track or three to get the interest flowing and Robbie is no exception. Latest number 1 Radio is a hint towards a new era in Williams' evolution with it's darker edge and electronica, and with new track 2, Misunderstood, featuring in the latest Bridget Jones movie this collection surely can't miss! Standout tracks would definitely be Lazy Days, Let Me Entertain You and Kids, Robbie's duet with Kylie Minogue, and though not all tracks are as strong, Williams is an artist who weaves his soul into each release and such honesty alone makes every track deserving of your attention.

Writer: Dave Hardwick

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