Elliott Smith

Album Title: From a Basement on the Hill
Release Date: October 19, 2004
Genre: Alternative Folk
The carnival ride with Elliott Smith's calm, powerful vocals and magical music will never be over, especially after owning From a Basement on the Hill.

Before his death on Oct. 21, 2003, Smith had been recording songs that later compiled into his sixth album. From a Basement on the Hill was released two days before his one-year death anniversary.

To many, listening to his last album was emotional torment. To others, the album is unfinished, but remarkable; perhaps a bittersweet end to Smith's too soon absence of the music scene and world.

Listening to From a Basement on the Hill is like a drawing board where each song illustrates a certain part of Smith's life. When the next song is about to start, the picture once drawn is erased and there's a completely new perspective.

Like other albums, Smith's lyrics have personal reflections with unhappy phrases, especially in the most heartbreaking track "A Fond Farewell":

"A little less than a human being/ A little less than a happy high/ A little less than a suicide."

At first, the song "Shooting Star" has an uplifting surface with heavy guitars and sing-a-long drum beats, however when Smith starts singing "You make me sad, shooting star" - anything fortifying dissolves. Some fans still take the best out of his music, despite its common theme of misery.

Spin this CD while lying in bed beside a loved one, or right before you're about to paint, because the emotions will only lead to inspiring things.

Writer: Mindi St. Amand

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