Tsunami Bomb

Album Title: The Definitive Act
Release Date: October 4, 2004
Genre: Rock
Tsunami Bomb's output to date has failed to live-up to their potential - a little too cutesy and lightweight to make them a standout punk act. Although not quite 'The Definitive Act', this album does something to stem the trend of under-achievement. Blending elements of hardcore with cultivated power pop punk, here TB return to the darker approach taken on EP 'The Invasion from Within', but harness it with a maturing ability to write consistently tight rock songs. The lyrical content is nowhere near as sinister or morbid as with obvious contemporaries Alkaline Trio, and the delivery of Agent M, one of the few front women in the genre, means the tracks are often more catchy than eerie. But in 'Dawn on a Funeral Day' 'I Bought You' and 'A Lonely Chord' there is plenty enough to bop along to unashamedly. It's still cute, but for all the right reasons.

Writer: Tim Newbound

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