The Faint

Album Title: Wet From Birth
Release Date: September 14, 2004
Genre: Rock/Electronica
The 80's new-wave revival has become all the rage these days - particularly among the eyeliner-punk set who look like they normally wouldn't get out on the dance floor if you paid them. But times are indeed changing, and Omaha's The Faint are one of the forerunners of the emerging synth-rock crowd. Composed mostly on a computer over a three-year period, every single track on Wet From Birth is infused with techno-beats and pounding synth, making it perfect for both dancing and rocking out. First single "I Disappear" seamlessly combines raw instrumentation with solid electronica loops and aggressive overtones, whereas the vocally punched-out chorus of "Symptom Finger" will have your finger on the repeat button for hours. And until "Desperate Guys" or "Southern Belles In London Sing," would anyone have thought strings would sound good with synth? The Faint can pull it off in spades.

Granted, there are a few times when The Faint tend to rely more on the technology than the actual musicianship - or vice versa - but it's when they hit that fine balance that they really shine. They've also gotten both praise and flak for their lyrics, which can be either construed as brilliant or just plain stupid (songs about voodoo, childbirth, erections, the post-9/11 world, et cetera), but why the hell are you listening to the lyrics? Get out on the dance floor already.

Writer: Caitlin Hotchkiss

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