Album Title: Antics
Release Date: September 28, 2004
Genre: Alternative/Post-Punk
I have a confession to make: I think I've only heard a couple Joy Division songs in my life. However, I have listened to - and loved - Interpol's 2002 debut, Turn On The Bright Lights, so maybe it's nice that I still don't get all the JD comparisons. And what can be heard on Antics is a growing band that melds melancholy with a bright atmosphere, clever lyrics with effective melodies, then wraps it all up in one impressive package.

As underground post-punk icons turned critical darlings - while still looking like the snazziest quartet to ever rock a stage out - Interpol has indeed dropped some of their "gloom rock" sound, with vocalist Paul Banks putting a more lighthearted spin on his usual tormented baritone. Not to mention the beat and pace of "Slow Hands" (by far the catchiest and most fun track on the album) even makes it danceable! Add that to the soaring crescendo of "Not Even Jail" and the bouncy jangle of "C'mere" and it's obvious that this is a band that's not so much evolving as it is progressing to new ground. After all, it can't be complete angst and torture with lines like "you make me want to pick up a guitar and celebrate the myriad ways that I love you."

Seems like there really is a bright side to every dark cloud, and in this case, it's absolutely glorious.

Writer: Caitlin Hotchkiss

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