Franz Ferdinand

Album Title: Darts of Pleasure
Release Date:
Genre: Punk/Metal
Bridging the gap between New Order and The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand has produced an electro-drawled number that pushes all the right buttons. With its racy beats and smooth vocals, this art-pop quartet bring on the urge to dance, which is all well and good seeing as Nick apparently, 'liked the idea of music for girls to dance to'! Extra track 'Van Tango' is a stuttering jangle of guitars and has the dodgy jingle vibe tagged all over it, no doubt it'll be a club favourite soon enough whilst 'Shopping For Blood' opens sounding like some 50s B-movie narrative with deep, sloth-paced lyrics. Witnessed live at this year's Leeds festival, Franz Ferdinand brought the grooves; now you can do the same.

Writer: Lucy Freeman

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